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UNISEC was founded in 2007, in the year the war on terror needed technology and the right expertise to support the operators, soldiers, officers, intelligence and security agents on the ground, air and sea.

The list of technologies launched in 2007 was staggering: …the iPhone created a global rage, as it went global in this same year. Twitter launched. GitHub, Hadoop, Android, and AirBnB appeared. YouTube launched embedded inline advertising,  Google Office is ready for business, and the API era started growing fast in 2007.


C5ISR and its importance


The security concerns only became bigger and the war on terror as hackers quickly used the internet as a mean to attack our modern world. UNISEC started to specialize itself in C5ISR (f.k.a. C4ISR), in which Command & Control, Computers and Communication For Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaisance added the ‘Cyber Security’ as extra domain in its framework. This framework is today’s base to bring state-of-the-art technology and the right equipment and cyber security defense measures to the government, intelligence, law enforcement and military operator in the field.





“It is during our darkest moments,

that we must focus to see the light”.












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